Des jardins & châteaux

Navigate on the Villaine and discover its amazing landscapes

  • 35h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 2 to 10 persons

  • From Messac (way back)

The patrimony, the heritage, those amazing little vllages, without forgetting the peaceful atmosphere of nature


584 €

De la Terre à la mer

Time to navigate in the south-west to discover France through its waterways. 

  • 32h of navigation

  • Week 

  • For 2 to 3 persons

  • From Sireuil (way back)

Towards the sea on the Charente river, where you will navigate between wineries, white stone villages, the speciality of the region.


659 €

many discoveries, walks and rest with your boat on the river Charente:

  • 47h of navigation 

  • 2 weeks

  • For 2 to 10 persons

  • From Sireuil (out and back)

Follow the peaceful course of the Charente river, in the enchanting scenery of unspoilt nature and a country that is heavily the gourmet traditions and wine.


1366 €

Magic of Brittany

Enjoy some of the most beautiful spots of inland Brittany:

  • 21h of navigation

  • Week 

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Saint Martin Sur Oust out & back

Splendid stopovers in La Gacilly, Malestroit and Josselin, along the Canal de Nantes à Brest.


945 €

Sireuil - Chaniers

Charente, the perfect cruise which mixes all pleasures

  • 24h of navigation 

  • Small week

  • For 2 to 10 persons

  • From Sireuils to Chaniers to Sireuil

Charente has everything regarding gastronomy and winery to have the time to do all you want in a small week. 


468 €