Gastronomy & winery

Sireuil - Jarnac

Charente mixes gastronomy & winery for boaters who love good wine and food.  

  • 15h of navigation

  • Weekend

  • For 2 to 10 persons

  • From Sireuil to Jarnac

Do you like good food ? Are you interested by winery ? This cruise is made for you.


368 €

Balade gourmande

Travel along the Baise and taste all the local specialities of the region

  • 31h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 6 to 8 persons

  • From Buzet (way back)

From Buzet you will have the possibility to navigate on rivers or canals, locks are not often, but castles and local specialities are.


890 €

Best of Burgundy

Cruise along worldknown Burgundy vineyards and enjoy varied waterways:

  • 24h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Saint Léger to Mâcon

A varied one-way cruise from Canal du Centre to river Saône and tiny river Seille.


945 €

Sireuil - Chaniers

Charente, the perfect cruise which mixes all pleasures

  • 24h of navigation 

  • Small week

  • From 2 to 10 persons

  • Fom Sireuils to Chaniers to Sireuil

Charente has everything regarding gastronomy and winery to have the time to do all you want in a small week. 


368 €

Les vignobles Auxerrois

Direction Auxerre, to taste wins of the region and visit caves 

  • 37h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 2 to 4 persons

  • From Brienon (way back)

Winery, rivers, canals are what compose the landscapes of this region. Stop hesitating!


925 €

Burgundy getaway

Discover prestigious Burgundy vineyards by boat on the Canal du Centre:

  • 5h of navigation

  • Weekend 

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Saint Léger out & back

Many interesting stops and wineries along the canal, at a walking distance or by bike.


405 €

Gourmandise d'Aquitaine

Discover the city of Agen and taste all the local gastronomy

  • 25h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Mas d'Agenais to Castelsarrasin

You need to go to one of the nicest districts of Montauban and have a taste of all the wonderful food they have.


368 €

Vins de Bourgogne

Direction la Bourgogne, to taste wins of the region and visit caves 

  • 33h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Branges to St Jean de Losne

Heading to Chagny to discover the wineries of the region of the famous Côte de Beaune which will seduce you for sure!


1 159€

Croisière gourmande

The Lot Valley, has great waterways which are perfect to visit the distillation factories

  • 30h of navigation

  • Week 

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Luzech (way back)

A visit in a distilaltion factory will reveal all its secrets!


826 €