Center, Burgundy & Saône

Direction Auxerre, to taste wins of the region and visit caves 

  • 37h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 2 to 4 persons

  • From Brienon (way back)

Winery, rivers, canals are what compose the landscapes of this region. Stop hesitating!


925 €

Les vignobles Auxerrois

Discover prestigious Burgundy vineyards by boat on the Canal du Centre :

  • 5h of navigation

  • Weekend 

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Saint Léger out & back

Many interesting stops and wineries along the canal, at a walking distance or by bike.


405 €

Burgundy getaway

Departing from Tournus, let yourself go a perefct cruise full of suprises

  • From 1h of navigation

  • From 1 day

  • For 1 to 9 persons

  • From Tournus (way back)

All along your cruise, numerous activities will emerge from the canal. whether you prefer walking, riding a horse or biking on a VTT, you can find whatever pleases you.​


837 €

Bourgogne & vignobles

Direction la Bourgogne, to taste wins of the region and visit caves 

  • 33h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Branges to St Jean de Losne

Heading to Chagny to discover the wineries of the region of the famous Côte de Beaune which will seduce you for sure!


1 159 €

Vins de Bourgogne

Departing from Decize, you have to try this ideal cruise

  • 24h of navigation

  • Week 

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Decize (way back)

Imagine yourself, relaxing nearby your floating villa...​


650 €

Croisière du Sacré-Coeur

Cruise along world known Burgundy vineyards and enjoy varied waterways:

  • 24h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Saint Léger to Mâcon

A varied one-way cruise from Canal du Centre to river Saône and tiny river Seille.


945 €

Best of Burgundy

Departing from Briare, you have to try this cruise, to enjoy all the waterways have to offer

  • 35h of navigation

  • Week

  • For 2 to 12 persons

  • From Briare (way back)

Unberth your riverboat for a weekend, a week or more to discover the region through its waterways


826 €

A travers les vignobles